Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Craftsy's Blocks of the Month

I mention in an earlier posting that I was taking a free online Craftsy block of the monthWorkshop.The bottom picture are the blocks created from January through March.  The top picture are April's BOM and these blocks are English Pieced.  This technique is not for me. It involves hand piecing and using templates. But that's alright, I need to be challenge. The block on the left wasn't to bad because the hexagons are l 1/2 inches.  They look bigger, ugh, that is because hexagons are measured by the length of the edges not the width.  The block on the right the hexagons are 3/4 inches.  I found out that I work better with a paper template instead of plastic templates because the plastic ones where popping out as I sew.  If you done English Piecing you know what I mean.  It not to late to join in the fun, especially if you have quilting buddies doing it also.  The Slow Quilter, Felecia is doing it too.  We are trying to get Patty D to join but she working on several other projects.  She is not like Felecia and I, put whatever we are working on aside when we see something new and exciting.  That why we are called "The Slow Quilter and I "Seldom Finishes a Quilt."  Oh, I forgot Linda from "Eat, Sleep, Quilt" is like us. Check out their blogs on the left.

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  1. I better get to fininshing my blocks. I am sooo behind.