Sunday, July 8, 2012


Now I can show you my challenge quilt.  As I mention in a periously posting that this year's challenge is BACK TO TRADITIONAL QUILTING –YOUR GRANDMA’S QUILT. On June 16th Wee  Bee Quilters of DC participated in the North Michigan Park Rec Center's family Day.  This is an annual affair and we always hang our quilts and have a challenge.  We always have a viewers choice contest.  My quilt won 3rd prize.  I was so surprise because I never won a ribbon for my quilts.  This is a Jacob's Ladder Pattern but I used African fabric and black fabric.

These are my Craftsy One line class "Block of the Month"  blocks for June and July. I do not like doing the dresden plate pattern(the blocks on the left) because you have to use templates. The modern nine patch (the blocks on the right).  See my earlier posting for the blocks January - May.


  1. I really like that Jacob's Ladder quilt, I think that black really sets off the African prints. I like the colors you chose for the Crafts BOM blocks, you're doing a great job on keeping up!

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