Sunday, May 27, 2012

Queen Bee for the Day

You do not know during your life journey whose life you have  made a difference in their lives. Well, today it started as a bad day for me. I just did not have the energy to anything and moving very slow. Today was my "Wee Bee Quilters" meeting. There was no workshop today, just sit and sew. There was no reason to rush and plus the time of the meeting changed from 12 noon to 1 pm. I called  my girlfriend Shirley and told her I call will when I am ready. I knew she was tired also since she drove up here from Durham, NC and we where out all day yesterday.When I finally got myself together was off to the meeting about 45 mins late (so I thought). To my surprise the ladies of Wee Bee had planned a wonderful surprise banquet for me. When I open the door everyone yelled SURPRISE. The first thing that went through my mind was who were they surprising. I was in total shock. Of all days I was not looking my best, no makeup and I threw on any old thing. Anyhow they rush me to my throne, placed a crown on my head, gave me a wand. They had arranged the tables banquet style and beautiful decorated and they even had yellow rose petals on the floor. The room was simply beautiful.The president, Marlene asked me to take an oath. Then it was explain to me that these wonderful and talented women wanted to tell me how much I have touch their lives. I was overwhelm and not realizing how much I meant to them and what I did to change their lives. They presented me with roses.  Each member presented me with a rose and a card until I had two vases full of beautiful yellow roses. They presented me with gifts and 20 beautiful signature blocks. Then the members shared with the group what I did for them. Of course, their was a roast. They also contact some of my family members, which was totally a surprise. I can't forget the song that was compose for me by Carolyn B*. and sung by Felicia the Slow Quilter blogger, That was so funny. Now Felicia sings beautifully but this time she was sing crazy and off tune (LOL). I have to get a copy of the song.  I will continue tomorrow with more pictures.   (*correction) I WANT TO THANK EVERYONE FOR TURNING MY BAD DAY INTO A WONDERFUL DAY.  YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT LIFE'S JOURNEY HAVE PLAN FOR YOU.  YOU ALL HAVE BEEN THERE FOR ME.  I DID NOT KNOW I DID SO MUCH TO BE GIVEN THIS HONOR.  I ALWAYS BELIEVE IN HELPING OTHERS WHEN I CAN.  YOU ALL ARE A BLESSING IN MY LIFE

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

I wish everyone a happy mother's day. Embrace your family's love and affection.  If your dear mother is still with  you and able to share this day with her, cherish every moment and don't forget to tell her how much you love her.  Have a Blessed Mother's Day

Monday, May 7, 2012


Auction Quilt for Church Fund Raiser

Quilt for my Goddaughter Courtney to take with her to college which she did not get until her sophmore year

A quilt for a dear family friend who celebrated her 80th Birthday

I will share more  qifts this week.
Hi everybody, I am back ( I think).  My friend Felecia (Slow Quilter) showed me how to add pictures and to add links to my blog.  I hope I can remember how to do it.    Now, I had this computer for several years.  I did not know that I had slots for camera discs on my CPU and I can download my pictures from there. Thanks Slow Quilter.  Anyhow here are my blocks for Craftsy block of the month.  On the left is the April blocks (hexagons).  I am not doing this again. I don't like english piecing.  The blocks on the right are the May blocks (Wonky log cabin).  I like doing these blocks less stressful.


So far I no bingo for me but I do have four buttons sewn.  B-Monkey, G-bear, G-Holly, O - flower, O-dragonfly.  I hope they call B-Waves and I-Bus then I will have a diagonal bingo.